Damir Shynybekov

Rector, International University of Information Technologies in Almaty since its foundation in 2009. PhD, Academician of IAI, IAC, IAT Russia, Dr. Sc., Professor at International Information Technology University (IITU) in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Damir studied at TarGU named after M.Dulati (cum laude diploma in 0706 “Finance and Crediting”), Taraz; post-graduate program at KEU named after T.Ryskulov, major “Finance, Monetary Circulation and Crediting”, Almaty; UIB Doctorate, doctoral dissertation “Financial aspects of globalization: forms, problems, solutions”, major “Finance, Monetary Circulation and Crediting”.

He has nearly 20 years of teaching and research experience. Before his present position he worked in Kazakh-American University, KEU named after T.Ryskulov and University of International Business. Holder of the 2007 state grant “Best University Teacher”, certificates of appreciation of the RK Ministry of Education. Dr.Shynybekov has published more than 90 articles, three textbooks and two monographs. Damir has an active social position, being an active member of Almaty Public Council and Political Council of Nur Otan party.

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